Soothing Skin Spray

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If your furry friend has a skin issue that needs healing, Skin Soothing Spray is here to help! Useful for anything from hot spots to wound care, simply spray this herbal formula onto skin a few times daily to soothe the skin and speed recovery. This gentle, soothing blend includes anti-inflammatory chamomile, comfrey, and lemon balm. Witch hazel is slightly astringent to soothe angry skin without drying, while  aloe promotes healthy, supple skin. Colloidal silver is a powerful anti-bacterial addition to make sure the skin stays infection free while it's healing. 

Safe for cats, dogs, and people!

Ingredients: organic chamomile, calendula, comfrey, and lemon balm infused into witch hazel with aloe vera gel and colloidal silver

4oz spray bottle 


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