Herbal Diet Supplement

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Compliment your pet's diet with concentrated protein, vitamin c, b complex, vitamin a, vitamin e, vitamin k, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and omega 3's! Herbs give your pet nutritional support without forcing their bodies to work overtime to eliminate any excess. Composed of only the highest quality, organic herbs, this supplement is the perfect addition to a healthy diet. Add one teaspoon a day to meals for dogs. Cats can have one half teaspoon per day with a meal. Mix with wet ingredients or a little water to blend into kibble if needed. 

Ingredients: spirulina, nettle, dandelion leaf, alfalfa, and flaxseed (all organic) 

Container is roughly a 90 day supply for most dogs (30-75lbs) and a 180 day supply for cats.

16oz jar. 


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