Florida DH681 Information Packet

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Everything you need to know about Florida DH681!

I get A LOT of questions about this topic, so I've put together a handy packet to hopefully answer the most common questions parents have and help streamline the process. Once you purchase this listing I will email you a link to open a Google Doc. You may be required to have a Gmail address in order to open it. This document is RESTRICTED... you will not be able to forward it to anyone else, open it with another email, print, copy or download it. PLEASE do not attempt to share this document... if you have friends who also need access to this information then kindly provide them with the link to purchase. 


This packet includes:

Steps to obtaining Form DH681

Information on the appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Florida Statutes

Case Law

Florida DOH Guidelines

Florida Rules

A list of all county offices in Florida

Contact information for consults (if needed)


*I am a mother, not an attorney. Nothing herein should be considered legal advice. This information is being provided for personal knowledge only.*