Flea Free Spray

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Keep those fleas off your dog! Confidently take them outside without worrying about them bringing little hitchhikers home! This spray is gentle for dogs, but powerful against fleas. Apply by spraying directly onto your dog's coat (making sure to avoid the facial area) or by spraying on your hands and wiping onto your dog. Use as needed for outdoor activities. SHAKE WELL before each use. 

Safe for dogs and humans (even the little ones)! All ingredients are kid safe. NOT for use on cats. 

Ingredients: the essential oils of lavender, bergamot, palmarosa, and spearmint in organic vodka, witch hazel, and aloe vera

4oz Spray Bottle

Pro tips! Use in conjunction with our Flea Free Powder to maximize flea repelling power! Make sure to vacuum carpets and wash bedding frequently to avoid larger issues with fleas. If you are consistently having problems, consider adding some beneficial nematodes to your yard! They like to snack on flea larvae. 


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