Flea Free Powder

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Is your pet a flea magnet? Not anymore! Fleas can't stand this powder! Diatomaceous earth is a well know natural flea killing agent. It's tiny, sharp point won't hurt your pet, but they demolish flea exoskeletons. Feverfew is a natural pyrethrin. Pyrethrins paralyze fleas and let the diatomaceous earth get to work. Neem leaf and yarrow flower are both powerful repellants. This powder can be shaken onto fur after a bath and throughout the week as needed. May also be used on pet bedding prior to washing and on carpeted areas where your furry friend sleeps. 

Safe for cats and dogs.

Pro tips! Our Flea Free Spray can be used before taking pets outside to maximize flea repelling power. Make sure to vacuum carpets and wash bedding frequently to avoid larger issues with fleas. If you are consistently having problems, consider adding some beneficial nematodes to your yard! They like to snack on flea larvae. 

Ingredients: organic neem leaf, yarrow flower, feverfew and food grade diatomaceous earth

6oz (by volume) Shaker Container


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