Elderberry Tincture (Alcohol Based)

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Elderberry Tincture is now available!
As with the glycerin extract, these have been infusing for more than ONE YEAR. Tinctures are alcohol based, so please be aware this is not a good option for kids. Diabetics would also need to use this with caution as alcohol sometimes affects blood sugar.
What's great about alcohol-based tinctures:
Totally shelf stable... no refrigeration needed!
No added sweetener, although not safe for children or diabetics due to alcohol content.
They're SUPER potent... alcohol is a good solvent, which means it extracts much more of the herbal properties than glycerin.
They will last pretty much forever... the shelf life on these is 5+ years!
As with the glycerin-based option, the dose is really small... just a half dropper full.
Compact bottle... great for travel!
9 bottles have labels and 6 don't... if you don't mind not having a label you will get a small discount (just choose which bottle type you'd like).
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    Miracle Worker!

    Posted by Taryn Lynch on Dec 4th 2019

    Just received my tincture this weekend, the night before I was hit with the dreaded stomach bug! I just tasted the night before my symptoms started and then took one full dose after they did. My symptom were far less than my mom who also had the stomach bug! LOVE LOVE LOVE!